Ensemble Toolkit Getting Started


Installing Ensemble Toolkit

Create a new virtual environment and install using

$ virtualenv myenv
$ source myenv/bin/activate
(myenv)$ pip install radical.ensemblemd

The latest stable Ensemble Toolkit release is 0.4.6

Run Ensemble Toolkit

We present here an example script that uses ensemble toolkit components to submit one task to your local machine that writes "Hello World" to a file. Run the following commands to launch the script.

(myenv)$ cd $HOME/myenv/share/radical.ensemblemd/user_guide/scripts
(myenv)$ python get_started.py

When you run this application, it should print the following output

 EnsembleMD (0.4.6)                                                 

Starting Allocation                                                           ok
Verifying pattern                                                             ok
Starting pattern execution                                                    ok
Executing 1 instances of 1 stages on 2 allocated core(s) on 'local.localhost'   

Job waiting on queue...
Job is now running !
Waiting for stage_1 to complete.                                            done
Pattern execution successfully finished                                         

Starting Deallocation..
Resource allocation cancelled.                                              done
To construct the workload, we used the Pipeline of Ensembles execution pattern (PoE) with the number of pipeline stages set to 1 and instances (i.e. tasks) to 1. The example runs locally on your machine and creates a file "output.txt" in $HOME/radical.pilot.sandbox/pilot-*/unit.00001 with the contents "Hello World".
This example was to give you a quick glimpse of the interface, execution procedure and output verbosity. To look at other examples, please see the documentation