Ensemble Toolkit

Ensemble toolkit provides building blocks to compose ensemble-based applications and execute on high performance computing systems. The responsibilities of the user are constrained to defining (i) "what" needs to be executed and (ii) "when" they need to be executed (relative order). Ensemble toolkit takes charge on the complexities of "where" and "how" the workload is executed. Ensemble toolkit uses a scalable pilot-based runtime system that decouples workload execution and resource management details from the expression of the application, and enables the efficient and dynamic execution of ensembles on heterogeneous computing resources.

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Ensemble Toolkit features

Who is using Ensemble Toolkit ?

Ensemble toolkit is being used by molecular dynamics researchers in the ExTASY project.

Researchers at Utah (Cheetham group) are using Ensemble toolkit to develop advanced adaptive workflows to simulate molecular behaviour of the Ebola virus

Researchers at Penn State (Cervone group) are using Ensemble toolkit to run weather prediction models on HPC systems.

Ensemble toolkit is supported by NSF ACI 1440677 and CHE 1265788. Contact RADICAL group members for more information.