RADICAL-Pilot (formerly known as BigJob) is a flexible Pilot System that provides a simple and an scalable approach for executing many concurrent simulations and their data requirements on clusters, grids, and clouds. RADICAL-Pilot is written in the Python programming language, and as such is easily deployable into user space. It allows user-level control of Pilots and supports a wide range of application types. It is built on top of The Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA), a high-level, easy-to-use API for accessing distributed resources. Thus, RADICAL-Pilot works on a variety of backends such as PBS, SGE, Amazon EC2, etc.

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Imagine the Possibilities

RADICAL-Pilot is:

Who is using RP?

RADICAL-Pilot is being used by Chemistry researchers to support large-scale and multidimensional replica exchange simulations on supercomputers.

Researchers at UCL London are using RADICAL-Pilot to advance understanding of HIV drug resistance and make personalized treatment possible.

RADICAL-Pilot supports multi-physics and coupled simulations, such as hybrid CFD-MD simulations to understand Couette Flow, as well as PBM-DEM simulations for Cybermanufacturing.

RADICAL Pilot is supported by NSF ACI 1440677 and ACI 1253644. Contact RADICAL group members for more information.